Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year resolutions

I get lot of questions from others inquiring about my new year resolutions. My answer always the same, I dont have any. I am not one of those guys who either tries to follow the mob or tries hard not to follow them deliberately.

I prefer to use my own commonsense and conviction most of the times. Even if I go wrong sometimes.  Does one need to pick a particular day or should wait for an occasion to make a resolution for one's own good. I dont think so. As Gandhi's words go, " If you want to do something tomorrow, do it today if possible", meaning  don't wait or postpone.

I made a single general resolution for my life. To improve everyday till the last breath on all fronts possible. The different fronts I can think of are being happy/contended, spiritual, social life (family, friends, relations), financial, career. I gage from time to time the progress I am making on these fronts and correct myself when necessary. 

Rest all specific resolutions like 'being punctual', ' getting up early', ' being fit' etc all fall into the part of me, checking on my general resolution periodically. 

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